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 A larger trailer, capable of carrying more horses is possible, however the cost of shipping and the cost to manufacture will increase.  You are more than welcome to enquire about the extensive options available in Trail Rider Gooseneck Trailers.  A Gooseneck is capable of transporting a larger number of horses and will enable you to consider an even more spacious and elaborate living Quarters!

You will require a Heavy Vehicle Licence and your towing vehicle must be suitable and be equipped with the correct hitch. We would be happy to discuss the most viable alternative to meet your needs. 


The prices below are for guideline purposes only.  Our estimate is based on a standard trailer complied and registered, inclusive of GST. 


DIXIE STAR 6' Living Quarter 2 horse Gooseneck

Dry Weight approximately 2,800 kg's


DIXIE STAR 6' Living Quarter 3  horse Gooseneck

Dry Weight approximately 2,950 kg's






Trail Rider have a large selection of high quality Living Quarter Gooseneck Trailers.  If you own a suitable towing vehicle a Gooseneck will enable you to purchase a larger and heavier Quality Trail Rider Trailer capable of transporting more horses and enabling you to consider an even more elaborate and spacious Living Quarter area! 

If you are considering a Trail Rider Gooseneck Living Quarter Trailer it will probably exceed the maximum weight of 3 ½ tonne allowed for most readily available New Zealand vehicles.  If you are interested we would be happy to work with the factory to reduce weight and explore options to meet New Zealand restrictions.  Please note you will require a Heavy Vehicle Licence to tow a trailer combination exceeding 6,000-00 kg’s.

If you do not currently own a vehicle capable of towing a heavier (over 3 ½ tonne) trailer and would like to consider the purchase of a truck in the USA we would be happy to supply you with the contact details of our friend and business acquaintance Deb. 

Located in Texas she has years of expertise sourcing and purchasing a variety of high quality motor vehicles.  We have personally purchased two vehicles sight unseen through Deb. Both vehicles have well exceeded our expectations! Our current 2011 King Ranch F250 was located by and purchased through Deb.

Our F250 was converted to an exceptionally high standard by Walton Specialist Vehicles, Auckland.  Please take the time to inspect the quality of this conversion. We would suggest if you are thinking of importing a left hand drive truck you contact Dave of Walton Specialist Vehicles.  He can provide further information, timeframes and prices. 


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