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From and early age Kristin has ridden, owned and competed American Quarter Horses.  She has worked, trained and competed with success both individually and as a New Zealand representative in several countries including Canada, Australia and the United States of America.  Kristin holds many National and International titles and high point awards while riding horses of varying ages and at many levels.  

 Kristin is now a real estate agent for Harcourt's, Beachlands.  She will be available for limited lessons as from February 2014.  Please refer to her page for current price list and feel free to enquire about times available.  Kristin has  well schooled horses to suit many levels of rider from lead rein to advanced.  If you have your own horse or pony please call to discuss your requirements.  She looks forward to helping you advance your skills safely.


Quarter Horse Stallion "Smart Like Smart" has an outstanding performance record in both America and Australia, an incredible pedigree, stunning good looks, personality and trainability to match. Smartie is sure to have a huge impact on the New Zealand Quarter Horse industry.

Prior to leaving Australia Smartie won both the  the 2010 $4,000 added Water Wheel  Classic Open Reining and became Co Champion at the 2010 $75,000-00 Equitana Open Reining Masters

SMARTIE IS CURRENTLY THE HIGHEST WINNING NRHA MONEY EARNER IN AUSTRALASIA US $52,000-00+ Smart Like Smart will be available to a strictly limited number of mares for early season AI breedings. 

TRAIL RIDER TRAILERS   NZ         (Made in the USA)

Trail Rider USA manufacture quality Gooseneck and Bumper Pull Living Quarter trailers. Their extensive range includes horse, bike and utility trailers. Innovative ideas provide a level of comfort not always available in New Zealand or attainable at this price. 

Like many riders in New Zealand we have transported horses in a truck specifically designed to accommodate ourselves and transport our valuable animals.  

We have  spent numerous sleepless nights in makeshift beds, on or above damp smelly floors hosed out quickly after arriving  at various show grounds, or in cramped, cheap and poorly designed truck accommodation.  

The reality for ourselves and I am sure we share it with many other equine enthusiasts,  we can no longer afford to have large amounts of capital tied up in a specialized mechanical vehicle sitting idle and deteriorating for many months of the year.  A vehicle affected by rapidly escalating road user charges and designated specifically to transport horses during what is only a short equine season.

But who wants to go without comfort, flexility of use and cleanliness cramped up in a sparsely appointed float shared with our horses? 

We travelled to the USA, because we truly believe the Americans are the experts in the presentation and manufacture of top quality trailers.  For several years our daughter has been based in the USA showing and completing internships.  Our visits gave us the unique opportunity to see many different trailers, look at many different alternatives and talk to many different users and manufacturers prior to settling on Trail Rider.

Early in 2012 we personally visited three well-known manufacturing factories in the USA.  We looked thoroughly at two additional high quality trailer brands.  Primarily this trip was to explore the best and most economically viable alternative for our own family.  We required an easy to tow and maneuver,  safe trailer  with a quality finish, comfortable enough to camp in during our off season, durable enough to withstand our conditions, with the potential to retain a reasonable resale value and all at the best possible price! 

Trail Rider is not alone in its high standard of build and innovation. However as the owners and managers of a respected and established New Zealand engineering company, we had the knowledge to not only look at the build finish but also at the structural quality and durability needed for New Zealand conditions. 

We were so impressed with this manufacturer we became New Zealand agents.  We can now offer an alternative option to others with a similiar expectation to ourselves.  From the durable steel framed construction carefully coated at the factory with rust retardant epoxy to the  “extra’s” included  in each trailer that make your trip safer and more comfortable Trail Rider stand in a class of their own.  

The owners and their small-dedicated team of employee’s complete every step of manufacture on site.  Trail Rider were the only manufacturer we contacted that retained complete control over their build.  This allows a high standard of quality control and the flexibility to customize each trailer to meet personal taste and needs.

We can say with certainty “if our engineering company were to manufacture and design a trailer Trail Rider is the closest example of what we would hope to achieve at a realistic and competitive price!”

There are many alternatives available on the New Zealand market for the consumer.   Some cost a little less but will they stand up to our conditions. Will they hold their value or depreciate rapidly in both resale and structural integrity?  Some are at a similar price but do they truly represent the same actual value for your money?  

 We urge you to compare all the products and options available and welcome any questions you may have.  

Sincerely  Lyn and Grant  





Established in 1989 we strive to produce a limited number of quality puppies suitable for loving family, obedience and show homes.  We believe the Rottweiler should excel as a working companion sound in both conformation and mind.  Through the use of frozen semen and the importation of carefully selected Rottweilers we have obtained top international working and conformation bloodlines. Bailifscourt Rottweilers occasionally have puppies available to dedicated homes. All breeding stock is hip and elbow x-rayed and must exhibit outstanding temperament before being considered by Bailifscourt Rottweilers in our breeding program.

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